Sealing technology


Sealing Technology

So that rolling bearings and drives, moving machine parts and dynamically stressed housings function smoothly, precisely and comprehensively -have you thought about sealing technology? If liquids and gases escape, if grease escapes, if dirt or water splashes into machinery, aggregates or equipment, functions are impaired - or worse: they cause serious damage. That is why products for reliable sealing are part of our product range for rolling bearing and drive technology. For static and dynamic sealing, we offer different designs, materials and colours.

Let's keep it tight together -with O-ring, round cord, grooved ring, flat ring, support ring and cap, with X-ring, roof collar, labyrinth seal, mechanical seal, scrapers, guide elements and shaft seals.

Static Sealing

Cord seal
Lip seal for static sealing
Flat ring
Support ring
Sealing cap

Dynamic Sealing

Radial shaft seal
Axial shaft seal
Lip seal
Sealing sleeves
Labyrinth seals
Mechanical seals
Guide elements

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