The home of drive


Located on Lake Constance, but at home in the world.

Rolling bearing and drive technology, that's what we grew up with. Driving force? Our customers -because it’s not often the standard products that help us to advance. We compare prices, balance requirements and performance. We develop what is needed. We find the optimum.

That's what drives us.

Rolling bearing and drive technology. Everything revolves around you.

We started as W + A in 2001 and, as our many years of experience in the spare parts sector for the mechanical engineering industry has shown, there’s still a lot to be done with rolling bearing and drive technology. Our customers want the best quality -and the best service.
In the beginning, we used garage and home as a warehouse and offices. Today, our family business in Langenargen on Lake Constance is one of the leading wholesalers for rolling bearings and drive technology  supplying customers directly and supporting  wholesalers worldwide.

A wholesaler with a great team

Our strength is in the team - using the know-how and drive of each individual - and with a continuity that clients and partners alike value. Many of our employees are involved right from the beginning and work for your optimal result. Here there is movement, dynamics, and no chance for standstill. Each and every employee is a reliable cog in the whole machine, and we are pleased that even manufacturers and wholesale colleagues see us as a driving force in the industry.

What can we do for you?

We focus on speed and quality and, because our products move a lot, we are looking at what's taking you further. Security and on-time delivery -that's what you as a customer need. Our warehouses are well stocked, and we carry product groups from a wide range of manufacturers delivering the optimal product, be it a branded or your preferred alternative, in a very short time. Customers in Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria often just come right by while international customers appreciate our special customs clearance experience and the different shipping conditions by countries.

But we often go much further: with our advice and product recommendations.

A wholesaler who knows!

As a wholesaler, we have one decisive advantage: we know the market in detail, we know the particular advantages of each product - regardless of the manufacturer - and we know what customers need. That's why we are your wholesaler -and gladly your consultant. We analyse your flow of goods and optimize your inventory, from OEM partial conversions to custom-made solutions, so that high-quality products that we deliver to you are always precisely tailored to your needs. That’s what we call customer orientation.

Our partner plus

As a wholesaler for rolling bearing and drive technology, we are powerful because we work with selected partners.  This enables us to exploit market potential nationwide; deliver faster, deliver comprehensively and react very specifically to your detailed requests. We offer the services of the individual manufacturers in a concentrated manner and continue to better ourselves with product innovations, situation analyses such as life run calculations, service interval optimization, evaluation of machine part failure rates or even e-learning. This is where we are driving each other forward, because we want the best for you -and you most certainly do too.

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