Condition Monitoring


Condition Monitoring -
Predictive maintenance strategy and increased efficiency 

Using condition monitoring from NSK Deutschland GmbH and with the help of sensors measuring for example vibration, temperature and speed of machine components, experienced engineers monitor the operating parameters of your machines in real time and machines do not have to be shut down. An accurate assessment of the maintenance requirements is possible and unnecessary maintenance work, such as the replacement of intact components is reduced, and stand-down time minimized. The goal is condition-based maintenance -resulting in better planning of spare parts and resource procurement which reduces machine downtime and leads to improved performance. Regular analyses are recommended.




  • To ensure that condition monitoring is applicable to your machine, you will receive a detailed questionnaire beforehand and additional critical parameters recorded on site (maintenance complexity, utilization, storage portion)

What is measured:

  • Unwanted forces resulting from misalignment or imbalance conditions
  • Errors relating to alignment and balancing, lack of lubrication or the possibility of premature material fatigue

What Condition Monitoring can’t do:

  • Recognizing and avoiding spontaneous failures

Sequence of events:

  • Condition detection: ambient and operating condition are analysed via data acquisition with NSK vibration, temperature and velocity measuring instruments
  • Comparison: modelling the machine via NSK analysis software for optimal placement of the sensors on the machine
  • Diagnosis, recommended measures and final report


  • Non-destructive testing
  • Recognizing profitability problems and wear
  • Maintenance optimization and operation cost reductions
  • Minimizing machine breakdowns
  • On-site support by experienced NSK engineers