Fast service and support

In the area of maintenance and repair a responsive supply of accessories and spare parts is essential. Fast service must be guaranteed because machine downtime costs companies time and capital. So far, our customers have ordered parts ‘just in time’ on receipt of a support request to keep inventory to a minimum.  So-called "quick fixes" were common and, If the product was not in stock, it had to be ordered with delivery time.

Our approach

Too many parts in stock unnecessarily tie up capital. On the other hand, an undersupply of spare parts can lead to waiting times and, consequently, a lack of trust from the customer. The solution: Product demand and product inventories have to be adapted to the respective customer needs and the total inventory must be minimized and optimized to maintain availability.

Goods analysis and order process optimization

Our ERP system enables us to analyse the flow of goods to the customer in detail. Monthly statistics with key figures provide insights into ordering behaviour and, together with our customer, we can define assortment and service specifications that are close to needs.

Lower order costs, fast availability and satisfied customers. 

Accordingly, prioritized product groups are identified by demand and stored for our customers in notified quantities in so-called storage boxes. The product volume allows special discounts and the customer now benefits from fast availability and low unit prices.