RHP J-Line Bearing Units

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The J-Line® bearing units are an extension of the Self-Lube series to include bearing units of the JIS standard. Manufactured by NSK, these high quality bearing units are a solution for many applications where contamination, vibration and misalignment may occur.

Product types from stock:

UCF205D1 | UCF206D1 | UCF208D1 | UCF209D1 | UCF210D1 | UCF211D1 |UCF212D1

UCFC205D1 | UCFC206D1 | UCFC207D1 | UCFC208D1 | UCFC209D1 | UCFC210D1 | UCFC211D1 UCFC212D1 | UCFC214D1 | UCFL205D1 | UCFL206D1 | UCFL207D1 | UCFL208D1 | UCFL209D1 UCFL210D1 | UCFL211D1 | UCFL212D1 | UCP205D1 | UCP206D1 | UCP207D1 | UCP208D1 UCP209D1 | UCP210D1 | UCP211D1 | UCP212D1

Product advantages:

  • six housing types with bore diameters from 12 to 90 mm
  • rigid and high quality one-piece cast iron housing
  • In addition to the tight fit, a stop pin has been added as a safety feature for very demanding applications
  • Crowned seat that compensates for misalignment during assembly
  • ISO standard
  • simple storage arrangement
  • Finely machined raceways
  • Relubricable, standard
  • Seal for many environmental conditions and applications
  • Inner and outer rings made of hardened steel
  • Secure shaft mounting for all speeds, loads and vibration conditions