KTR - ROTEX couplings


ROTEX torsionally flexible claw couplings are elastomeric couplings characterised by their compact design, long service life and good running properties. 

Despite the low weight and mass moment of inertia of the elastomer couplings, high torque transmission is possible. Vibrations and shocks occurring during operation are effectively damped and reduced. The flexible teeth of ROTEX® couplings are only subjected to compressive stress.  As a result, the coupling has the advantage of a much higher load capacity of the individual teeth.

In short

Shaft coupling for torsional vibration damping power transmission
Axial plug-in
Easy to fit
Maintenance free
Operating range from -50ºC to +120ºC
Temperature peaks up to +150ºC
Compensation of shaft misalignment
axial - radial - angular
axial - radial - angular
We offer a wide range of KTR-Rotex couplings. 

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